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Customer Appreciation Sale $100 off today on the IonEdge Foot Detox Now $397.00 Was 497.00

Please disclaimer read before purchasing: Click here


Foot Detox and Ion foot and Detoxifying Foot Bath order now

Was $497 Today $397.00

IonEdge / Contents
Off white color

IonEdge Ionic foot bath spa (120v and 240v)

Two Arrays

Sea Salt (Low sodium)

Manual  (setup and specifications)

Hand Book  View

Tub  (Durable & white in color)



IonEdge Overview
If you own a spa or a professional clinic this is the unit for you.  Our record of customer service and fast shipping will make your business run smother.  If you need financing please contact us.

Customer news
“We have been using the Ion Cell Cleanse technology in our office for six months. We have done over 1200 sessions and are very pleased with the results our patients are getting. Conditions involving joint pain, skin problems, and fatigue have shown great improvement.”

Professional Courteous service: Contact us by Clicking here. 


Certified and Guaranteed



IonEdge One person & IonDuo Two Person Foot Detox

Many People are using this new Ion Foot Detox technology for arthritis, joint pain, removing numerous toxins from the body, improving the immune system, improving sleep, mental focus, increasing vital energy and more.  All that is required for a session is to soak your feet in a tub of warm water for 30min. 

One person said: We have been using the Ion Cell Cleanse technology in our office for six months. We have done over 1200 sessions and are very pleased with the results our patients are getting. Conditions involving joint pain, skin problems, and fatigue have shown great improvement.  Read More

Read our News story Click Here

Please read our disclaimer before purchasing an Ionic foot spa: Click here to Read Disclaimer


IonEdge and Ionduo Foot Bath Detox


2 years for Practitioners

Featured Product IonEdge  

12 Reason to buy from Alternative Vitality Systems:



1.  One person ION DETOX

2.  5 year warranty (2 years for Practitioners, Spa's & Clinics)

3.  Life time customer support

4.  CSA Approval

5. UL Conformity 1431, Ed 2,1996

6.  Scientific Data on Ionic foot spa

7.  5 Working modes

8.  Microprocessor by Atmel Corp. USA.

9.  LC Rating for US & Canada

10.  CE safety Standard approved

11. Dual Polarity

12. Convenient; portable size.

Purchase Includes:


1. One IonEdge

2. Two Arrays

3. One Foot tub

4. 10 Disposable tub liners

5. Manuel

6. Colors in the Water Chart

7. Users Guide

8.  Salt Included.  Our Salt has 60% less sodium!

Compare Ionic Foot Bath :

1.  We know of no other Ion Cell cleanse to date that has passed the LC standards test!!! .

2.  Click Here to see a comparisons chart

3. Click Here to download Ion Cell Cleanse Hand Book.  This will answer many questions about using a Foot Detox Machine.

4.  "We have done over 1200 sessions"  using the Detox Foot Bath.  Read More 

Affordable    Price:

1. Our price for the complete system:

2. Remember, we are offering a COMPLETE SYSTEM with all the features and benefits listed above and our overall price is less than our competitors offering similar products. "Apples for apples" there's really no comparison between their unit and our Ion detox system.

3. We set the standard for customer satisfaction.


Foot Detox and Ion foot and Detoxifying Foot Bath order now


IonEdge and IonDuo Settings

Mode 1

For those who need to detoxify from chemicals, solvents, and heavy metals.  This is the strongest Setting.  This Mode is for Expelling acidity and heavy metals

Mode 2

All Modes 2-5 are for expelling acidity and heavy metals.

Use these settings on anyone who may need to gradually work up to the stronger settings.  Example: Weak Kidney or Liver that cannot handle detoxifying too fast.  Mode 5 would be selected as it is the weakest mode.

Mode 3

Mode 4

Mode 5


Why Use the IonDuo & the IonEdge?

The Ion Cell Cleanse detoxifies the body more effectively and faster than any herbal or fasting protocol, with little or no stress to the patient

Unique engineering provides dual polarity, five program selections.

More powerful than the competitions


What Others are Saying

We have been using the Ion Cell Cleanse technology in our office for six months.

We have done over 1200 sessions and are very pleased with the results our patients are

getting. Conditions involving joint pain, skin problems, and fatigue have shown great


~ K. R., D.C., CO


The Ion Cell Cleanse has added new life to my practice. After buying a practice, the

transition was made much easier with the Ion Cell Cleanse and the excitement it created in

my patients. The Ion Cell Cleanse is the best referral tool I have.

~ J. H., D.C., TX


The Ion Cell Cleanse has helped me double my practice volume in six months. I have

developed several detoxification programs based around the Ion Cell Cleanse and have

recently begun a series of training seminars in my office for doctors and lay professionals.

The results have been sensational.

~ S D, D.C., CO



Based upon Royal Rife Technology

Detox Foot spa treatments are an unusual therapy, based on the research of the medical scientist Dr Royal Rife and is a type of aqua detox. It aims to improve, among other things, liver and kidney function through an electro-magnetic detoxification process carried out on the feet. The treatment is normally given by placing your feet in water in which an "array" will be activated. When the Ion Detox is activated it produces ions (positive and negative) This caused movement and Any time you have electrical movement you will have a magnetic field.  A magnetic field will vary in force.  This variance is called a wave length or FREQUENCY will cause a VIBRATORY RATE OR TONE. 

Dual Polarity

Having Dual Polarity is important because everyone has different needs.  When the IonDuo is set to positive, the current is directed to the positive pole, which then makes more negative ions in the water.   Example: You have 5 settings on the IonDuo & IonEdge.   The amount of the negative ions is linked to the Ampere (A=1.8-2.1 is the best, it means that it creates the most negative ions). The settings, which just control the direction of the magnetic field in the water, have the same function in creating negative ions. Different patterns are chosen according to different people.

In other words, the Detoxifying Foot Bath is currently charging our body with all the negative charges; aim to stimulate, improve, and stabilize the Bio-Energy of our internal organs; thus reaches the objective of Self-Detoxification.  A healthy person is supposed to contain 80% of negative electrons (i.e. Anion) and 20% of positive electrons (i.e. Cat ion) in the body.  Anions can make blood flow smoothly, help acidic blood resume to normal alkalinity range (PH value 7.3)  Metabolism can become more vigorous after the blood has been purified, activating the cells, expelling the body waste, & stabilizing the blood pressure as well. 

For the purpose of Ion Foot bath Detox Ion Foot Spa Detox discussions, positive and negative relate to electrical rather than chemical phenomena.

When the Detoxifying Foot Bath is set to positive, the current is directed to the positive pole, which results in the production of more negative ions in the water. Therefore, a positive polarity generates a negative ion flow which, we believe, raises blood pH from acidic toward alkaline.

Approximately 95% of people in this culture experience a state of acidity; that is, their bodies contain an excess of hydrogen ions, and their blood pH is lower than 7.45. These people will greatly benefit from exposure to high concentrations of negatively charged ions. However, we have found through muscle testing that most people prefer a mixture of positive and negative ions in each Ion Foot bath Detox.

Every element has a different FREQUENCY OR VIBRATION.  Every plant has a different wave length and thus a different vibration.  We are made from the same thing that plants are made from:  out of the dust of the ground.  So, every organ of the body has a different vibration.  Think of the body as a symphony orchestra.  It plays together harmoniously although all the instruments have a different pitch.  What happens when the body instrument is out of tune?  We need to tune it up.  How do we do this?  We feed the body the plant, herb, or use the Ion Foot Detox to resonate which resonates through the water.  The Foot Detox is designed to strengthen organs, glands, and other bodily systems.

A water molecule is composed of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. When the molecule loses a hydrogen atom, the remaining OH molecule takes on a negative charge. As you walk along the beach, your body absorbs millions of these negatively charged ions, which alkalize the blood and tissue. Because of poor diet and high stress, we tend to accumulate and store excessive quantities of waste products, such as diacetic, lactic, pyruvic, uric, carbonic, acetic, butyric, and hepatic acids.

According to Dr. Theodore Baroody, author of Alkalize or Die, acid wastes attack joints, tissues, muscles, organs, and glands causing minor to major dysfunction. He asserts that avoiding disease and maintaining vitality, as we age, requires the maintenance of an alkaline environment throughout the body - which is virtually impossible to accomplish in our high-tech, high-stress, toxic society, unless we can walk on the beach everyday.

The IONDUO Ion Detox creates precisely the same environment as the walk along the beach, only more powerfully because your feet are in direct contact with the ions being manufactured in the water. Place your feet in the water, turn on the unit and within seconds, millions of ions enter your body and begin to neutralize these tissue acid wastes.

The particles, fat, and mucous residues found in the water after bathing reflect the wastes that have left the body during the 20 to 30 minute session with the Ion foot bath detox

Your body will feel lighter after the first session. You will think more clearly, have more energy and enjoy a greater sense of well-being with the Ion Foot Detox








Input Voltage



Power Consumption



Panel Control

LCD Display

LCD Display

Net Weight w/Case

5.5 lbs.

4.4 lbs.






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